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What are the differencies between JamónJamón and other internet shops?

JamónJamón is the gateway to a dynasty of merchants with two centuries of history.

As heirs of Bernabe Sanchez know the world of Iberian pork from the passion and tradition. We've lived since we were in the cradle.

Nestled in the heart of the Sierra de Gata, surrounded of prime quality Dehesas, our tradition is our letter of introduction.

Our products and facilities follow strict sanitary and quality controls. Items purchased in our store come home from our facilities without other intermediaries, in the shortest time with the maximum quality guaranteed.

We are not tied to a brand, because a single producer may certify strict quality processes, but not that each piece is special. Iberian ham is a living product that differs in each piece. That is why in JamónJamón we select each piece individually to certify the flavor and quality of each piece.

Expect therefore a variation in our hams producers explained by the selection of each piece.

If a ham is JamónJamón we certify that it will be a great ham.