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Our commitment with the environment


An integral part of our environmental commitment is our product packaging, which follows two principles:

- Guarantee the conservation of the products.
- Simplify, overpacks and avoiding unnecessarily polluting materials.

Only use for our packaging products from non-renewable sources in case they are needed for its conservation. This explains the use of plastic for inner packing.

How will I receive my product?

- Box or envelope: You will receive your product in anonymous boxes (or envelopes) to avoid unpleasant surprises with the delivery (theft, loss, retention in customs).
- Natural Carton: Inside this box (or on) find a carton of natural origin that will protect your product from light and shock during transport. We recommend storing your product in this package upon receipt to protect from direct light, which could be detrimental to its conservation.
- Plastic Protection: Necessary to protect until opened the organoleptic qualities of the product can be vacuum. Once opened the product, we recommend that this packaging is recycled properly.