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Our history

One of the differences with other stores is our story.

We are proud to be legitimate representatives of a dynasty of generations, represented by Bernabé Sánchez, and continued by his heirs.

Based in the North of Extremadura and South of Salamanca for over two centuries, trading and producing iberian products of the highest quality.

Bernabé and his brother Martin, roamed the true path of the ham, from Guijuelo to Jabugo, through Ledrada, Moraleja, Coria, Cáceres, Montánchez, Merida, Monesterio, Fregenal de la Sierra or Jerez de los Caballeros.

They were the "tocineros", mounted their donkeys caravan, bringing the Iberian products in a time when communications were not what they are today. The time when traditions were born.

From farm to farm, from inn to inn, selecting the various producers, no one knew better than them knew the secrets of the Iberian pigs.

In one of these inns, in Moraleja, Bernabé Sánchez decided to settle down, for reasons that only the heart understands.

Since then this family saga continued in Moraleja, at the foot of the Sierra de Gata, at the crossroads between Cáceres, Salamanca and Portugal.

A saga that generations later adapted to changing times, continues in jamónjamón.