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The pack of 3 cheeses "Flavours of Cáceres"

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We have selected three culinary gems difficult to find in the foreign market to create a pack that make you travel through northern Extremadura through one of its most diverse and representative products: Cheese. Our commitment is to select our favorite cheeses each season, as the artisan cheese is a living product, which may vary from year to year. Tasted a variety of products to reach this selection, which is in our opinion one of the best choices possible for this gastronomic journey. For this season, we have selected the following cheeses.

Matured Goat Cheese from Sierra de Gata

This cheese has its origin in one of the most isolated regions of Europe, between the idyllic mountain landscapes of the Sistema Central, in the limits of Cáceres, Salamanca and Portugal. Aged goat cheese from the Sierra de Gata is a goat cheese, with a powerful aroma and intense flavor of herbs. This cheese la Rozay, afined by Jose Maria Valiente and Maria Rosa Velasco, is a totally artisan jewel of a production of 500 goats of the race Málaga that graze freely natural herbs found in forests of pine height, yew and oak. From the Sierra de Gata, in Cáceres, Extremadura, comes the following gem turned into cheese, matured and made from goat milk, preserved its small cracks and cavities pale yellow, giving way to an intense and strong flavor.

Of a roughness slightly spicy and salty at the right point, the palate is fat but always keeping a compact both as soft texture. Finally note that is covered by a crust somewhat rough, oily and an orange-brown, largely due to overlying paprika.

Torta del Casar: HP Manjar Extremeño.

La Torta del Casar is the most representative cheese of Extremadura. It is a gastronomic gem protected by its designation of origin (D.O.) of the same name that covers 36 municipalities within the counties of Casar de Caceres, Llanos de Cáceres, Sierra de Fuentes and Montánchez. It is produced from raw milk of entrefina and merino sheeps and for thistle, rennet is used, one of its main distinguishing features. This milk is matured at least 60 days before making it available for consumption. We have selected for this year HP Manjar Extremeño which received in 2011 the award for Best Spanish Cheese in it category of cheeses, soft cheeses.

Goat cheese from Los Ibores, Garcia de Paredes.

The cheese of Ibores is protected by the designation of origin (D.O.) in the same name and is based in the beautiful medieval city of Trujillo. The cheese is made following the Ibores craft techniques (the first records of these cheeses date back more than five centuries) from Serranas goats milk, matured Retintas.Su Veratas and lasts 60 days. This cheese is buttery, slightly sour and salty, spicy and with a moderately soft goat aftertaste. We have selected the paprika goat cheese Garcia de Paredes, First National Prize Goat Cheese of Fuerteventura TABEFE Years Awards 2006 and 2007.