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Case of the 7 flavors of acorn-fed (bellota) Iberico ham from D.O. Extremadura

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One of the best kept secrets of Iberico ham is that it has not a distinctive flavor. Each part of the ham has its own nuances of color, smell and taste. Nobody will be able to ensure that you discover the taste of ham if you do not know that has another six in the chamber.

With the chest of the 7 flavors of acorn-fed Iberiaco ham D.O. Extremadura you can enjoy a wonderful culinary journey that will let your palate evoke the authentic flavor of the ecosystem of the Dehesa de Extremadura

This case contains seven packets of 250 g. bellota pata negra cut by hand by our master craftsman. In each of the envelopes can enjoy one of the flavors of our most precious gastronomic jewel.