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D. O. Guijuelo Acorn-fed Iberico Shoulder (Paletilla Ibérica de Bellota D. O. Guijuelo)

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The pallet or "shoulder" is the front leg of the Iberico black pig.

The taste is very similar to ham but has a subtle difference, perhaps being more aromatic and sweet.

It has a greater percentage of bone lower yields than the ham.

The Iberian acorn, like Iberian ham, combines the virtues of purebred Iberico black pigs with natural food products through pig gets himself in the meadows: acorns, roots, mushrooms, fruits.

This feeding makes it a very pure meat and very healthy, as fat is infiltrated into the muscle and whose composition is more akin to olive oil than that of other animal fats. This makes it a natural source of oleic acid, essential to the fight against bad cholesterol.

The Denomination of Origin Guijuelo is the responsible agency that ensures the respect of a secular tradition that guarantees the quality of the ham. D.O. Guijuelo Iberico hams are therefore a guaranteed top quality product, that allows you to enjoy at home one of the best and most prestigious hams worldwide.