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D.O. Extremadura Iberico, pata negra, acorn-fed ham (Jamón Ibérico de Bellota D. O. Dehesa de Extremadura)

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Iberico ham, pata negra, acorn fed of D.O. Extremadura, is the star of the Spanish gastronomy. There is no other product that unleashes the same passions.

It is said in Japan that the ham is one of the foods that treasure the umami taste, the fifth taste. Your mention will make to dream to anyone that has tried it. If you have already tasted you shall know why.

The Iberico ham combines the virtues of purebred Iberian pig with feeding through natural products that pig gets by himself in the meadows: acorns, roots, mushrooms, fruits.

This feeding makes it a very pure and healthy meat. It fat is infiltrated into the muscle and its composition is closer to olive oil than to other animal fats.

This makes it a natural source of oleic acid, essential to the fight against bad cholesterol.