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The 3 Iberico charcuteries pack "Essences of Guijuelo"

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The three stars charcuteries of Spanish tradition in the Iberian pig transformation are the Lomo Ibérico (Iberico loin), Chorizo Ibérico (Iberico paprika ​​sausage) and Salchichón Ibérico (Iberico spiced sausage).

The loin is produced curing loins from Iberico pigs fed on acorns in the pastures of Extremadura with D.O La Vera paprikas.

The Iberico Chorizo ​​transformation is done with minced meat from Iberian pigs and selected D.O. La Vera paprika and other spices like origan or garlic.

The Iberico Salchichón curing it is made with mixed Iberian pigs meats with a mixture of different peppers, which gives it its unique spicy taste.

The Denomination of Origin Guijuelo is the responsible agency that ensures the respect of a secular tradition that guarantees the quality of the charcuteries.

With this pack of three pieces you can enjoy at home the best sausages of Salamanca.